Private Galapagos and Retirement Paradise Trip – Safety


Ecuador is recognized with the WTTC Safe Travel Certificate! We were the first Andean country to be awarded this certificate.

What does this mean? In simple terms, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) recognizes that Ecuador has placed the necessary protocols to ensure safety and hygiene for visiting travelers.

22 biosafety protocols have been implemented in the country for the operation of tourist activities and establishments.

We guarantee that official health and safety protocols are respected by our drivers, guides, hotels, restaurants, catamarans, stores, and other service providers that we use. All services must meet strict cleanliness standards, maintain disinfection protocols, have social distancing measures in place, and train staff to follow these measures.

So tourists and travelers can rest assured that the Covid-19 risk is being taken very seriously in Ecuador and Galapagos, and protocols are in place to ensure your safe travel here.

Because we know the place so well and are lucky to have a supportive community of friends, we can still do lots of exclusive activities and have lots of fun, enjoying this fantastic country safely.

We’ll spend most of our time outdoors and in well-ventilated spaces.